Established in 2002, we're proud to be one of the largest cycling clubs in New South Wales. 

We bring together like-minded people with a passion for cycling. Peloton Sports is an inclusive club that values and supports riders at every level, from those just starting out to seasoned elite racers.

Our focus on safe bunch riding aims to create enjoyable experiences for all members and helps them develop fitness and skills alongside each other. We encourage participation in frequent, well-organised tours, local rides, races and social events.

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Our Values

1. Safety front-of-mind

Safety is of paramount importance to us. Our members make every effort to familiarise themselves with bunch riding etiquette and road riding safety in general, including assisting new members in staying safe on the roads. 

2. Competitive but considerate

For the many members who want it, competition on regular club rides is a fun and enjoyable aspect of membership. This is always undertaken in the spirit of positive sportsmanship. 

3. Always seeking improvement

Whether your aim is outright fitness, road riding skills or race tactics, everyone has room for improvement. We strive to create an environment that allows members to develop all areas of their riding. 

4. Respectful and inclusive

We respect and value the club’s diverse membership and welcome riders from all backgrounds and from all levels of experience from outright beginners to the ranks of the elite.