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TORC Wednesday Night Ride

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    Our club members share a passion for the bush and being able to experience that through mountain biking. Our weekly Wednesday Night ride brings that passion alive with others. Sometimes your mates can’t be bothered or they can only ride at certain times, this is where TORC comes in.

    TORC Wednesday Night Ride

    From out the front of Hornsby Pool, we head north along the Pacific Highway and turn left into Galston Road.
    We immediately turn left again into Carrington Road and continue straight ahead to the trail head at the end of Stewart Avenue.
    Once we hit the dirt, it's a fun, and fast if you dare, fire road descent to the Historic Military Steele Bridge that crosses Berowra Creek.

    Once across the bridge, the real fun begins. We climb the Benowie Walking Track (fire road) until we reach the campground.
    At the campground, we veer left and climb the concreted fire road until we eventually get to the top. We are now on the Quarry Road Track (fire road) and we follow this all the way to the trail head at the end of Quarry Road in Dural.

    We exit the dirt at the trail head and hit the asphalt for a taste of what our "roadie" comrades swear by. We follow Quarry Road until we reach the traffic lights at Old Northern Road. A quick water bottle refill at the Shell Service Station on Old Northern Road, if required, and then it's back along Quarry Road to the trail head.

    Off the asphalt at the trail head and we're back on the dirt and making our way back to the campground. At the campground, we turn left and complete a short out and back loop that sees us return to the campground. Upon return to the campground, turn left and it's hang on tight as we descend back to the Historic Military Steele Bridge.

    Across the bridge once again and it's up, up and up until we reach the trail head at the end of Stewart Avenue. From here, it's back to Hornsby Pool.
    Start Time

    The ride starts at 7.00pm sharp from Hornsby Pool

    There is 1 group with regrouping at the top of climbs
    The ride leader for this ride (except in bad weather) is:
    -    Mark Orlovich
    You need good lights to see where your going. I would suggest a handle bar light of 1800 lumans and a helmet light as well
    What else to Bring
    Bring a spare tube and pump. Also you can bring some food and water, just in case you run out of steam, and that's not pleasant!
    If you are driving to Turramurra, please park under the shopping centre.
    Bad Weather
    If it's raining make your own call. Most riders don't come but it's not officially canceled. Have a coffee in Bar Stelvio instead!
    If you are not a member of TORC (or other MTB Australia affiliated club) and would like to participate in this ride then you will need to join our club. Joining the club can be done at Turramurra Cyclery. The cost will vary depending on if you get a racing license (or not) and also your age. Cycling is a dangerous sport and can result in serious injury or even death, if you don’t currently have a MTB Australia license you are uninsured and you are riding at your OWN RISK, and will be responsible for your own losses and any damage that you might cause.
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