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TORC Glenrock

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    Merewether, NSW


    (7km South-West of Newcastle)



    The trails are all rated according to IMBA standards, which gives you a fair indication of what you're in for. They range from beginner-level singletrack and fire roads through to black diamond level trails with rock drops and some larger jumps (all of which are optional).




    The majority of trails are of intermediate level with plenty of sweeping corners, switchbacks and a few bermed sections. While you will encounter a few rock gardens, some natural and some manufactured, most of the trails are quite buff and smooth. The trademark 'Glen Jacobs flow' is also quite clear in some areas, as his company World Trail played a role is assessing, redesigning and constructing some of the Glenrock trails.




    Trails such as Shaft, BJ's, Seismick, Twisties and Snakes and Ladders have all benefited from World Trails experience. The GTA has also used their new-found knowledge and skills to reconstruct trails such as Double Barrel, Kenny's and It Happens. These trails leave you with a grin from ear-to-ear and beg for multiple runs and laps of the park.




    Elevation wise you won't find massive amounts of climbing, and what climbing there is comes at a fairly consistent and manageable gradient. Overall there is around 100 metres vertical change from the beach up to the trail head near Gun Club Road. While not a massive number, the recent club run hill climb event from the beach to the car park proved it is enough to hurt most riders if you put the effort in. With stunning views on the way up, there is more than one good excuse to stop for a breather.




    While the NPWS-installed signage is pretty good, it's still worth carrying a map with you. Not all of the trails are clearly marked, and the signage is still being tweaked, so it's best to be prepared. If you do chose to wing it, you can only get so lost, as Glenrock is bound by the Pacific Ocean to the east and suburbia to the west. If you started at the Gun Club trail head, just ride up hill towards the powerlines and you'll find your car soon enough.





    Distance: Its up to you!

    Start Time
    Riders briefing at 7.55am then ride starts at 8am in front of the Turramurra Cyclery Tent

    Mobile Bar Stelvio
    Bar Stevio will be there with the Turramurra Cyclery tent to keep the coffee flowing with pasteries for after your ride

    What to Bring
    Bring a spare tube and pump. Also you can bring some gels,bars and water, just in case you run out of steam, and that's not pleasant!

    All the parks have parking.

    Bad Weather
    If it's raining it could be off so check facebook in the morning before you leave home.

    If you are not a member of TORC (or other Mountain Bike Australia affiliated club) and would like to participate in this ride then you will need to join our club. Joining the club can be done at Turramurra Cyclery. The cost will vary depending on if you get a racing licence (or not) and also your age. Cycling is a dangerous sport and can result in serious injury or even death, if you don’t currently have a Mountain Bike Australia licence you are uninsured and you are riding at your OWN RISK, and will be responsible for your own losses and any damage that you might cause.

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