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This Sunday Ride The Gorges

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    The Gorges Sunday Ride

    On this favorite club ride we traipse through the gorgeous gorges. Bobbin Head, Galston, Berowra, no local climb remains unconquered. You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 gorges. This is the closest you can get to Alpe d’Huez or Mont Ventoux in Sydney. So buckle up for safety, it is going to be a bumpy ride. The descents are super fun, the hairpins of Galston are a great technical challenge, and the smooth surface of Berowra Waters makes for a swift spin. The great thing about this ride is that it is versatile and friendly, you can make it short, you can make it long. There are also ample opportunities to hurt your friends up them hills. The ills of the hills are treated with a good dose of coffee in Turramurra.


    Distance:  75.3km

    Start Time

    Riders briefing at 6.55am for all group, then ride starts at 7.00am sharp at the Turramurra Cyclery car park.

    There are 3 groups: (Numbers Depending)

    A – average speed >32kmph, 4 Gorges

    B – average speed 28-30kmph, 3 Gorges or 4 Gorges

    C– average speed 26-29kmph, 2 Gorges or 3 Gorges

    - Both A and B groups roll out together from the bike shop to the top of Bobbin Head at a moderate pace.

    - The B group ridemaster stays at the rear of the Peloton to make sure everyone stays in the peloton.

    - This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet someone new in a different group.

    - It is also a great way to learn from the A group on how a Peloton should work.

    - The Peloton is split into a A and B groups whilst regrouping at the top of the Bobbin Head West climb.

    - A good brew is an important part of our Peloton culture and is at Bar Stelvio at the finish of the ride.

    Choose your group wisely...
    The A group waits only for the last person to get to the top of the climbs then they are off again, in other words no time for a coffee!

    So for the A group you need to be fit and be prepared to go fast! The B groups are a little more forgiving and give you a break!

    The B group is a tempo ride that will wait at the top of the climbs and allow the last person to get their breath back before continuing on again.

    The C Group is an endurance ride that will wait at the top of the climbs and allow everyone to get their breath back before continuing on again. 

    What to Bring
    Bring a spare tube, tyre levers and a CO2 cannister. Also you can bring some food and water, just in case you run out of steam, and that's not pleasant!

    If you are driving, please park in the IGA car park, towards the loading dock.

    Bad Weather
    If it's raining make your own call. Most riders don't come but it's not officially cancelled. You do ride at your own risk if weather conditions are adverse. Have a coffee in Bar Stelvio instead!

    If you are not a member of Peloton Sports Inc. (or another Cycling Australia affiliated club) and would like to participate in this ride then you will need to join our club. Joining the club can be done at Turramurra Cyclery or online via the Cycling Australia website, please use the following link The cost will vary depending on your age and your racing ambitions.

    Please note: cycling is a dangerous sport and can result in serious injury or even death, if you don’t currently have a Cycling Australia license you are uninsured and you are riding at your OWN RISK. You will be responsible for your own losses and any damage that you might cause.

    And some encouragement…

    Here at Peloton Sports we endeavor to be an inclusive group and to keep the pace sustainable for most peloton members. However bunch riding is inherently quick, hence the appeal. If you find yourself unable to keep up, or getting “dropped”, please don’t be disheartened! It has happened to us all!

    Keep coming back, keep trying to hold on to a wheel with the goal to improve your fitness and be part of the crew. This is indicative of the pace/standard that has been in the bunch for years. If you are getting popped off the back, look at this as a goal to aspire to. Every week you will probably find yourself inching forward and getting better.

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