About T.O.R.C.


So you’ve discovered that mountain biking is fun - you’ve seen the scenery, raced once or twice, done the club rides and you’re now a fully fledged B group rider.  You’ve come to realise that you’re as good as the guys who looked amazing to you when you started. You’re part of the family - laughing with your friends at post-rides coffee and you’ve even scored a mention in the ride reports. Now you want more!  And guess what? We can deliver! 
We can offer skills courses with elite mountain bikers, training camps to awesome trails in and around NSW, international trips to tracks that offer even more fun and new scenery to wonder at. Club members, race regularly and become fitter stronger more skilled mountain bikers because of this. You will receive support from like minded people around you and will be encouraged at all the different races you choose to do. Seeing other TORC members at races provides a great feeling of support. 
Having monthly rides to participate in is one of TORC’s benefits. Which can sometimes be underestimated in how important this is for riding and keeping this passion alive. Sometimes your mates can’t be bothered or they can only ride at certain times, this is where TORC comes in. There are always rides for you to choose from and always someone there to take them. 
Meaning your not alone, and have a someone to ride with and even take a picture of you for the clubs Face Book page! Camaraderie is what keeps you going - that and the desire to do more. Interaction with like minded people is always positive and generally lifts your spirits, say if you have had a stressful week at work etc.