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Turramurra Cyclery is more than just a bike shop. While we do happen to sell bikes, we like to think we sell a lot more than that. We live and breathe cycling, partly because we believe in having fun and living a healthy lifestyle, but also because we have created an experience where like minded people can build new friendships and support each other in their fitness endeavors, no matter how big or small.

So whether you have just bought your first bike and are new to road riding, feel your confidence on the bike isn’t where you would like it to be, or are looking at building on your fitness and performance abilities, our Personalised Ride Coaching Programs will help you realize just how great it is to be on your bike.

Learn To Ride:

For the beginner, our Learn to Ride program aims at building up the skills to ensure you feel confident on the road, and will teach you:

Gearing – for some, getting your gear ratios right to feel smooth on the road can hinder your enjoyment, so we pay special attention on guiding you through the basics of choosing the right gear for the right occasion, so you never feel stuck half way up a climb.

Braking and descending – Most new riders will ‘ride the brakes’ when on a downhill, but teaching the proper methods of cornering, and how to time your braking, will sky-rocket your confidence, and dramatically increase how safe you feel.

Road Awareness and Group Skills – Learning the calls to let your fellow riders know of any changes to the road surface (potholes, sticks etc), and learning how to ride with multiple people are both valuable skills that will improve your confidence on the bike and open you up to the opportunity of our scheduled calendar rides which run during the week.

Maintenance – getting a flat tire is one of those inevitable things that if you aren’t prepared, can be an expensive, and time-consuming task. We will teach you how to replace an inner tube quickly and effectively, re-engage your chain if it slips off, and adjust brake calipers if these get bumped.

Over the course of three sessions, one of our coaches will take you through all of the above, and cover any questions you might have. Each session will introduce a little more difficulty as your confidence improves, starting with a ride to the top of Bobbin Head and back, with your final session descending and climbing both sides of the gorge and going as far as Asquith on the other side.

Individual Program Design:

Our training programs are catered for anyone ranging from the absolute beginner to the seasoned rider who wants to get the most out of his training in preparation for a race or simply to improve his performance.

A needs analysis during the initial consultation will establish what you want to get out of your 12-week program, and initial testing on the bike will establish the important metrics that you will need for your program, like Maximum Heart Rate, Heart Rate at Threshold, and your training zones. Using this data, we can implement a training program that will improve your cycling performance, or even simply bridge the gap between the Learn to Ride Program and getting you fit enough to ride with the group.

If you are interested in your performance on the bike, or simply want to feel fitter and stronger, then a customized training program designed by one of the training experts here at the shop will get you to where you want to be faster.

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