About Peloton Sports


Peloton Sports Inc. is a prestigious cycling club nestled in the northern suburbs of Sydney. Our Club’s ethos is to professionally develop both recreational and competitive cycling across a broad cross-section of members.  So whether you’re a beginner, almost a professional or anywhere in-between, we have the skills, organisation, the rides and nurturing to attend to your needs.  Remember it’s all about fun - we love cycling but it must be safe.
At Peloton Sports, our members enjoy the complete cycling experience - we have the rides and tours that dreams are made from;  we’ll prepare you for a podium finish in the races you choose; and we’re very proud of our Clubhouse, Bar Stelvio where you can recount your amazing achievements over the best coffee in Sydney - add in an unrivalled home made gelato or even an aperitif on a Thursday night and you’ve got enough to make the world jealous.

Do you ever dream of riding like a ‘Pro”?  Imagine speeding through the pastures and mountain passes of Europe - we do that every year.  What about the famous Sydney Gorges (there’re 6 that immediately spring to mind) that make our neck of the cycling world unique - well we do them frequently.  And then there’re the little towns that used to be known as Sydney’s bread-basket - there’s great cycling out near Pitt Town, Ebenezer and the like.  Oh yes, how could I forget our beaches - people come thousands of miles to enjoy them and guess what - yes, they’re on the calendar too.

So what do our members have - well Saturdays and Sundays are of course our major Club Rides and they’re organised.  There’re groups according to ability and desire but they’re all organised, monitored and have ride masters (it sounds silly to say mistresses and worse to have captains etc). On the ride help is close at hand whether it’s about riding skills, bike maintenance or simply changing a tyre.  The riding calendar is on our http://pelotonsports.com.au page so you can prepare in advance for any ride.  Oh yes, and we’re so organised that when we say we leave at 7.00 am, you can be sure to find the car park empty at 7.01 - so be early rather than late.image1.jpg

So what about girls?  Our club is gender equal - every opportunity and facility is available to every member without prejudice.  We all ride together and cyclists choose their group according to ability not gender. We want more girls by the way and the more there are the more we can do to achieve their dreams.

Our members can enjoy many of our social events - the Tour de France party, Christmas Party, Thursday night drinks and Post ride coffee all at Bar Stelvio our clubhouse.

So what do the public think of Peloton Sports.  Well it’s in to be healthy and fit and slim and not to overfill your lycra these days and so we fit the mould there.  Our image is to be friendly and courteous and disciplined.  We aim to share the road not fight over it; ride single-file when appropriate not hog the lane; ride carefully and not take risks and above obey all the road rules.  This way the public will eventually not only admire us, they’ll hopefully come to love us.  We want more members and by being good citizens people will come our way.

We are NSW's largest recreational and competitive cycling club, based on Sydney's North Shore, catering for both road and mountain bikers. Get out and ride with the Peloton today!

Peloton Sports is proudly sponsored by Turramurra Cyclery, CODE, Pattison's Patisserie, Equity It, McCarrolls Automotive.


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